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Apply Online

Online 24/7 for payday loans ranging from £50, £100, £200 upto 2500 pounds with the UK’s best no credit check direct lenders.

Instant Approval

Instant Approval

Pay no application fees whatsoever and experience our instant loan approval on all our short term instalment loans.

Get Funds

Get Funds

Once approved, you will get your bad credit loan amount transferred to your bank account instantly.

700 Pound Loan Helps You

Payday loans are small personal loans aimed at people who need £700 loan for bad credit for a short period of time. Typically used for immediate expenses and unexpected outgoings. Borrowers are able to pay back in full by their next payday. Hence why they acquired the name ‘payday loan.’

They are considered an alternative to setting up large overdrafts, or securing large loans. Moreover, there will be lot of other hindrances as well like credit check or bad credit. However, we can assure you £700 loan even with bad credit from direct lender.  With us it is lot easier to set up the whole process. Though we have a cap of £700, you are free to borrow from 50 pound to 2500 according to your need.

700 Pound Loan Bad Credit Direct Lenders

As we commit to providing short term loans that are simple, fast, and accessible to many. We assure to provide you a £700 loan even with bad credit from direct lender. We understand that even with good financial planning, your household could face unexpected bills.

Here are some of the common problems that we see people face:

  • Car Break Down
  • Boiler Break Down
  • General Living Costs
  • Unexpected bills

Because at EZPaydayLoan we understand your needs, we have made it easy to apply, and you get instant confirmation of £700 loan, though you are free to borrow even beyond that according to your need. Once you have selected a loan agreement, you can have the borrowed sum of £50 to £1500 in your bank account. The process is simple, you choose how much you want, and when you can repay the loan. All of this happens online and gives instant results.

Get a Quick 700 Pound Loans Today

After applying for our quick 700 pound loan, your application will be directed to direct lenders. At EZPaydayLoan we provide the best platform for you so that you get solution for instant cash loan at the earliest. Your applications is processed within 15 minutes and if everything is good enough we make the disbursement at the earliest. The acceptance rate of loan application is very high at our end and you do not have to pay any hidden cost after the disbursement of the loan. It’s a simple way to get instant cash before you get your next payment on your payday.

How Can You Get a 50 Pound Loan Now?

When you look for an easy £700 loan, we offer you one that is best in the market. Being direct lender you are not charged of any hidden charges or extra cost is levied. We match you to payday loans direct lender in the UK at the most simple way. All you have to do is fill in the simple form with relevant information.

In order to get fast approval you should fulfill the below criteria

  • You must be permanent resident of United Kingdom and is above 18 years of age.
  • Have regular income with regular paycheck every month.
  • Have a valid bank account in any UK bank.

If you are eligible with these criteria then you can apply online and get 700 pound loan now.

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