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Instant Approval

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Payday Loans No Guarantor Needed

Are you going through an unexpected financial crisis and have difficulty finding the required funds to fulfil them? You are not alone. Almost every individual in the UK went through an unanticipated financial crisis at least once in their lifetime. It could be an emergency expense such as a car repair, a broken home appliance, a set of overspent bills, a debt that needs to be paid at once, or even a possible one-time financial burden of celebrating Christmas or an important birthday.

During such hard times, you could take help from friends or family members. However, that is not likely the case all the time because it could be hard for them too, right? As an alternative, you might consider taking a loan, but you are apprehensive because you may not be eligible for the loan as neither your credit score is great nor you have someone who can support you as a guarantor.

We at believe that everybody should be given the opportunity to take a loan, irrespective of their past finances. And we understand how hard it could be to find a guarantor to take part in someone’s financial crises. So, to enable people like you, we’ve come up with our no guarantor loans UK. provides no guarantor loans with bad credit instant access for a range of funds and flexible terms, as people have an array of needs to cover. Although there are so many no guarantor quick loans available out there, choosing the right one matters. Keep reading to learn more about our no guarantor needed loans and how you can avail them in just a few clicks.

No Guarantor Loans Poor Credit

Finding poor credit loans with no guarantor needed is not so easy, but making sure that you’re dealing with the right no guarantor loans lenders should be your biggest concern. Let’s explore some of the bad credit loans features is committed to providing its customers.

Depending on your requirements and ability to pay back, you can now borrow funds in the range of £50-£2000 through our no guarantor personal loans. EZPaydayLoan makes its sincerest efforts to ensure that there are no hidden fees involved in any of our loan offers, let alone bad credit no guarantor instant loans.

Our no guarantor loans bad credit approval rates are quite high compared to other no guarantor loan companies and it’s usually around or above 95%.

We’ve created one of the most flexible repayment options on our loans with no guarantor or credit check. Instead of repaying the whole loan amount on your immediate next payday, you are given the choice to go for multiple instalment sessions. Even better, you will be able to adjust the number of instalment sessions and the amount if you find yourself in a tough place while you are in the middle of paying off your no guarantor loans for bad credit.
And all this comes at the comfort of a quick, simple no guarantor loans poor credit application process that hardly takes 2 to 5 mins. It’s fully online and no paperwork needed whatsoever.

Now that you understand all the benefits of our no guarantor loans for bad credit UK options, here is a short guide to easily get qualified for them.

No Guarantor Loans No Credit Check: Easy Ways To Get Qualified

The very reason why we have no guarantor personal loans for bad credit is that the personal financing sector is so much dependent on “credit scores”.  Without no guarantor loans poor credit UK options, it’s near to impossible for people—no matter how severe the emergency is—to get a loan even with the most unfair interest rates and repayment terms.

Most lenders consider that having a bad or low credit score means the person has a lazy financial discipline and is not creditworthy. That’s where no guarantor unsecured loans for bad credit show light at the end of the tunnel.

We at give the benefit of the doubt our borrows deserve. Instead of dwelling on their past finances, we consider their present ability to fulfil guarantor loans with no credit check.
In spite of all the flexibility and ease we provide, following the below steps would improve your odds of getting unsecured no guarantor loans for poor credit:

  1. When an applicant seems to make an effort to show that they are trying their level best to rebound from their previous finances, any no guarantor loans UK bad credit direct lender can show empathy and provide them with the best loan option possible.
  2. Lenders have more confidence in providing you with no guarantor loans (even for) very bad credit if you have already started paying off some of your small unpaid debts and bills.
  3. Fulfilling all other basic requirements can be another open door for you in getting no guarantor loans with bad credit.
  4. It’s a positive sign if applicants are aware of the reasons that caused their bad or low credit scores. This can actually help them increase their chances of getting no guarantor loans bad credit UK options.

No Guarantor Loans Direct Lender Repayment Options

Going after your friends, family and acquaintances and asking them to be your guarantor is a huge burden. It’s deeply hurtful to hear all those people saying no to help you during an emergency. But with our no guarantor loans, hopefully, you can save all the trouble.

We believe that you are now more confident to apply for our no guarantor payday loans than when you first started looking for an emergency loan. So, the next step we need you to take is to try and understand our repayment options.

Firstly, making late repayments on your loans with no guarantor might put you in a bad light. However, there’s a better way to deal with it: by spreading your instalment sessions and so reducing the repayment amount for each session. Voila, no guarantor loans UK repayments are made super easy.
Secondly, we provide highly transparent interest rates from our direct lender’s network, how much you can borrow, and how much exactly you have to pay back on your next payday. 
Thirdly, if you are able to pay back your no guarantor loans bad credit direct lender early, you might find better loan terms on your next loan and might even save some money on interests too.

Qualifications To Avail Our No Guarantor Guaranteed Loans’s no guarantor guaranteed loans are some of the most flexible and easy to find online in the UK. In order to get them, you need to fulfil a few basic requirements as given below:

  1. be a UK citizen and be at least 18 years of age.
  2. have a steady source of income—either full-time or part-time employment.
  3. be able to make regular repayments on the no guarantor unsecured loans.
  4. provide a valid current bank account
  5. provide valid contact details such as a residential address, email ID, and phone number.

No Guarantor Loans Instant: Application Process

Applying for our emergency loans no guarantor option is hassle-free and it hardly takes you 3 mins to fill the form and submit it for approval. The whole application process for availing of our no guarantor loans with low apr is quick and straightforward.
The no guarantor loans online application form needs you to answer only the most necessary questions and no unnecessary surveys are not entertained. It only minutes before the submitted form goes through the approval process and then, it gets approved almost instantly. So, once you are ready, get started with the following simple steps:

Step #1: Find the “Apply Now” button somewhere in this page

Step #2: Fill the payday loans no guarantor form with required info.

Step #3: Submit the form and wait for the near-instant approval.

Step #4: As soon as the loan is approved, your loan amount will be transferred to the provided current bank account

Yes, it’s that simple. Now go ahead and apply now!!

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