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Apply Online

Online 24/7 for payday loans ranging from £50, £100, £200 upto 2500 pounds with the UK’s best no credit check direct lenders.

Instant Approval

Instant Approval

Pay no application fees whatsoever and experience our instant loan approval on all our short term instalment loans.

Get Funds

Get Funds

Once approved, you will get your bad credit loan amount transferred to your bank account instantly.

1 Hour Loans Direct Lenders in UK

To meet your need of instant cash, apply for one hour loans. As the name suggest, the loan will be approved within one hour and you will get the cash in your bank account within hours. You do not have to pay more for the fast service that you receive. All that is required is applying with all your documents ready so that there is no delay in the loan processing.

When you apply for 1 hour cash loans your application will be directed to the one hour payday loans direct lender and it will be processed immediately. There is minimal waiting time that ensures that you will get the loan amount as soon as possible. You can apply for any loan amount ranging from £50 – £2500. So, when you are in need of hard cash in between your paydays rely on fast loans in one hour.

One Hour Payday Loans Direct Lenders

After applying to an online payday loan 1 hour, your application will be directed to direct lenders. At we provide the best platform for you so that you get solution for instant cash loan in 1 hour. Your applications is processed within 15 minutes and if everything is good enough we make the disbursement at the earliest. When you apply for 1 hour online payday loans we recommend you the best direct lender.

The acceptance rate of loan application is very high at our end and you do not have to pay any hidden cost after the disbursement of the loan. It’s a simple way to get instant cash before you get your next payment on your payday.

1 hour Payday Loans No Credit Check

In order to get approval for 1 hour cash loans you do not have to worry about your credit score. It does not matter to us if you have good, bad or a non-existent credit score. As long as you meet the minimal requirement set by us for providing 1 hour installment loans you will get the loan. After approval of the loan it take few hours for the cash to be deposited in your bank account.

Although we do not worry about credit score of our borrowers we believe in responsible lending. Thus, before you apply for the loan make sure that you can repay it back on time. It will ensure that you maintain the same courtesy we had shown while disbursement of one hour online loans. You can further get one hour loan in future with ease.

1 Hour Loans No Employment Verification

Most of the before the loan is approved by the lender they verify the employment status of the borrower. In case of emergency cash loans in one hour we understand your emergency in regards to cash requirement and thus there is no delays due to employment verification. We believe in giving instant decision so that you get the loan as fast as possible.

At, we firmly believe to give you the best platform for getting one hour payday loan. All you have to do is follow a simple process and you will get the loan amount deposited in your bank account soon.

1 Hour Loan Online Approval

We at understand that sudden cash requirement can arise any moment and for that we provide you with the best one hour payday loans online from direct lenders. It does not take days for loan approval and the process of application is also very simple. You need to keep few documents like your income proof and address proof handy so that you can submit them when required.

If you want you can even repay back the payday loan earlier than the schedule day, there are no charges upon that. Our employees are trained to provide you with the best services. All you need to do is submit your application and get the loan approved, yes within an hour.

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